Monster snake cake

Yield: 24 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Cake mix for 2-layer cake; prepared as label directs
1 pack (16oz) confectioners' sugar
1 cup Margarine or butter; softened, (2 sticks)
5 tablespoons Half-and-half or light cream
2 teaspoons Vanilla extract
\N \N Green food-color paste
1 pack Jelly rings; (11-oz.)
¼ cup Yellow plus 1 blue M&M's candy
7 \N White candy-coated licoriche candies (up to 10)
3 \N Pieces candy corn


1. Grease two 8-inch round cake pans; line with bottoms with waxed paperl grease paper. Dust pans with flour. 2. Pour batter into pans; bake and cool as label directs for 8-inch layers. 3. Prepare frosting: In a large bowl, with mixer at low speed, beat confectioners' sugar, margarine or butter, half-and-half, and vanilla just until blended. Increase speed to medium and beat constantly scraping bowl with rubber spatula, until frosting is smooth and an easy spreading consistency. Stir in green food-color paste to tint frosting bright green; set aside. 4. Cut a 2½-inch round center of each cake layer. Without removing round cut each layer in half to make 4 C-shaped pieces and 4 small semi-circles. 5. On large piece of heavy cardboard or cutting board covered with cellophane or foil (finished cake measures, 28-inches by 9-inches. Place C-shaped pieces of cake end to end, alternating directions to create a curvy snake. 6. Place 1 semi-circle of cake at one end, cut sides together, to complete tail. Repeat on other end to complete neck. Place 2 remaining semi-circles at neck end to form an open mouth. Frost cake. 7. Garnish cake: Cut all but one jelly ring in half. Place jelly ring halves along top edge of cake for scales. Place whole jelly ring on head for eye, with blue candy in center for pupil. Use yellow candies to decorate body. Use white licorice candies for teeth. Use candy corn for eyelashes. Makes 24 servings. Typed by "Essie" Ethel R.

Snyder <essie49@...> Date: October 12, 1997 Recipe by: Good Housekeeping magazine -- June 1996 Posted to MC-Recipe Digest V1 #842 by essie49@... (Ethel R Snyder) on Oct 13, 1997

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