Mixed bean soup

Yield: 10 Servings

Measure Ingredient
⅓ cup (heaping) Pinto beans
⅓ cup (heaping) Great Northern
⅓ cup (heaping) Red beans
⅛ cup (heaping) Kidney beans
⅛ cup Small white beans
1 tablespoon Black beans
¼ cup (scant) Garbanzo beans
1 tablespoon Blackeye peas
2 tablespoons Split peas
⅓ cup Lentils

Total beans: about 2 cups for each recipe...Serves 10 Experiment with combining your own favorite bean varieties.. mix them up!

Place in large pan, cover with water, soak, rinse well, then add 2 qts. water and ½ lb. lean ham, cubed. Simmer slowly 2½ hours.

ADD: 1 large onion, chopped; 1 large can tomatoes; 1 Tsp. chili powder; 1 clove garlic, chopped; salt/pepper to taste. Simmer another hour or until done. Before serving, add ½ cup red wine; ½ cup chopped parsley.

Nutritional Analysis per serving: 201 calories; 15.7 g protein; 2⅕ g fat (l0% calories from fat); 28.7 g :carbohydrate; 12½ mg cholesterol; 7⅕ fiber; 816 mg sodium.

Exchange: 2 starch; 1 ½ oz. lean meat.

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