Mild curry powder

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
60 grams Coriander powder
30 grams White cummin seeds
20 grams Fenugreek seeds
25 grams Gram flour (besan)
25 grams Garlic powder
20 grams Paprika
20 grams Turmeric
20 grams Aromatic garam masala
5 grams Dry ground curry leaves
5 grams Asafoetida
5 grams Ginger powder
5 grams Chilli powder
5 grams Yellow mustard powder
5 grams Ground black pepper

1. Roast and then grind the first three spices.

2. Mix all together well and store 3. Omit the final four spices for a totally mild curry powder 4. For those who wish, salt and sugar (white granulated) can be added for flavour during the blending: add 2 tablespoons sugar and/or 1 teaspoon salt.

Store for a month in an air-tight container and then it should be perfect.

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