Microwave tips - lasagne

Yield: 1 Servings

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A trick I learned while working as a microwave oven demonstrator is that cooked lasagne noodles may be replaced by layering flour tortillas and thinly sliced Monterey Jack cheese.

I've found the most convenient way to do this is to slice the tor- tillas into 1½" to 2" strips and placing the jack cheese evenly on top. Layer as you would the cooked noodles. While cooking, the two blend together. The result is indistinguishable from using cooked noodles except that you will experience an extra richness. If the recipe you're using is very simple you may even find the results to be better than using the actual noodles since it does add a very desirable richness and texture. I do not recommend that you use this method in a conventional oven.

I've tried it and the tortilla/cheese combination seemed to turn to mush and lose its definition. Submitted by Lawren Freebody @ Salata BBS.

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