Mango glazed salmon

Yield: 8 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Whol (3-4lb) salmon; gutted and cleaned
\N \N ; (1.3-1.8kg)
1 pack Fresh coriander
\N \N Salt & freshly ground black pepper
\N \N Juice 1/2 lime
30 millilitres Waitrose Hot Mango Chutney; sieved (2tbsp)
5 millilitres Lime juice; (1tsp)
30 millilitres Waitrose Hot Mango Chutney; sieved (2tbsp)
½ \N 200 ml tub crŠme fraîche
½ \N 250 ml jar mayonnaise
10 millilitres Lime juice; (2tsp)
30 millilitres Fresh coriander; chopped (2tbsp)



Brush a large piece of foil with oil. Lay the salmon on the foil. Measure round its thickest part and calculate the cooking time at 4 minutes per 2.5cm (1"). Place a little coriander in the cavity. Season and squeeze the lime juice over the salmon.

Loosely wrap in the foil. Place on a baking tray in a preheated oven 190ºC, 375ºF, gas mark 5 for the calculated time or until the fish flakes easily and is opaque.

Allow to cool. Remove skin and brown flesh from the top side. Turn over and repeat on other side.

Divide the upper fillet by cutting lengthways along the middle of the fish.

Carefully lift off the fillets. Remove the backbone from the lower portion and any remaining bones. Reassemble the top two fillets. Cover loosely and chill.

To make the glaze, combine the mango chutney and lime juice. To make the mayonnaise, mix together the remaining ingredients.

Brush the salmon with the glaze. Garnish with coriander sprigs and lime wedges and serve with the mango mayonnaise.

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NOTES : The Tartan Quality Mark is the hallmark of premium quality Scottish salmon. Each fish has been produced to strict guidelines set down by an independently controlled product certification scheme and has a unique identification number which allows it to be traced back to the farm. A whole glazed salmon is a perfect dish to serve for a special occasion or as part of a buffet. Serving it cold means that all the preparation can be done well in advance.

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