Mango and lime jam

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Mango; peeled and cubed
1 pounds Sugar; granulated or caster
2 smalls Limes

(but do it right and it's more like marmalade!) Put mango and sugar into large microwaveable container (she uses glass).

Grate lime rind into mangos, add the juice of the limes. Cover, microwave on high 5 minutes. Test for setting. Repeat until setting point is reached.

Pour into jars.

Depending on the type of mango used you may find you need to put the jam through a blender if the cubes don't break down after about 10 minutes cooking.

If you use Mexican mangoes, they take much longer to cook down than Jamaican ones -- but they make a very chunky jam, almost like marmalade.

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