Lefse (state fair winning)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
8 cups Russet Potatoes
½ cup Heavy Cream
8 Tbls Butter; Or Oleo
1 Tbl Salt
1 Tbl Sugar; (About)
3½ cup Flour; * add 1 C/see below

Rice POTATOES while hot. Add CREAM, melted BUTTER, SALT, and SUGAR. Cool to room temperature. Refrig overnight Add 1 C.* Flour to ½ the Potato mixture Knead together well.

After rolling/baking 1st half, Do the same to the saved 2nd half Add 1* Cup of the FLOUR to it Use remaining* FLOUR for rolling lefse. Don't use too much FLOUR for rolling. Roll mixture into thin pieces Bake on Lefse Grill **I think the "sugar" in the recipe is what makes it successful. I seems to be the one ingredient that isn't found in a hundred other similar lefse recipes. It rolls like a dream... As you know it isn't easy to roll up "mashed potatoes" without having them fall apart! I taught Lefse Making for years, but my very favorite of all was this one: [Bev]

From: Bread-Bakers Archives: ftp.best.com/pub/reggie/archives/bread/recipe Recipe By : (Bev in Montana)

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