Know your chili peppers

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient

The Rating System Goes From 1- Mildest to 10- Three Alarm 1. Anaheim, Bell Peppers, Mirasol Colorado 2. Rio Grande, Cherry, Hungarian Yellow Wax 3. Numex Big jim, Poblano, New Mexican Green 4. Ancho ( The Dried from of Poblano), Mulato, California Red 5. Sandia, New Mexico Red

6. Cayenne or Espanola, Wiri-Wiri 7. Jalapeno, Guero, Chipotle

8. Tabasco, Serrano

9. Santaca (Japanese or Japones) Pequin 10. Bahamim, Malagueta, Habanero, Pimento de Cheiro

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