Chili spices

Yield: 1 Servings

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Here is one mix for chili that I found on the Net: For chili seasoning, we make up batches consisting of 8 parts chili powder, 2 parts ground cumin, and 1 part crushed (not ground) cayenne peppers.

To make seasoning from scratch, use the following (this is approximate, I usually just dump some in until it tastes right). This seasons one batch made with about 1½ lbs. meat.

3-6 Tbs. pure ground chile such as NM/Anaheim, Ancho, Chimayo, or any combination of these. Can use Mulato or Pasilla too, if available. Cayenne pepper to taste; depends on how hot the above chile powder is and how hot you like it. Probably about 1 tsp. to start with for med-hot. 1 tsp. garlic powder (I use fresh garlic, 2 large cloves) 2 tsp. oregano 2-3 tsp. cumin Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V3 #323 by Judy Howle <howle@...> on May 13, 1997

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