Killer margs

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 \N Parts Sunkist Sweet & Sour
1 \N Part GOOD tequila
1 \N Part Cointreau or Grand Marnier*
\N \N Juice of 1/2 lime**
\N \N Dash of salt

*can use triple sec, but I wouldn't **3 limes for small-med. pitcher Pour all ingredients into shaker with ice and shake vigorously.

Pour into tall glass with ice (can be shaken, if done right) and retire to the patio to watch the sunset.

You can blend, but the additional ice dilutes the flavor, and you lose the beauty and purity of the margarita

Fruit flavored margs must be blended if using fresh or frozen fruit -- fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries) need LOTS of extra sugar AND the fresh lime juice. I haven't found any syrups that cut the mustard as far as flavoring "rocks" margs.

I take my margaritas seriously, and would be happy to get into off-line discussions with anyone wishing to discuss further.

NOTE ON TEQUILA: I like Sauza Conmemorativo, but Cuervo 1800 works. Exceptional tequilas like Sauza Tres Generaciones, Patron Anejo and other $20-$40 bottles are wasted on margs and should be reserved for sipping.

NOTES: I agree...a little salt here and there does wonderful things to many recipes (including non-food).

In fact, one of the secrets to my TDF margaritas is salt IN the mixture. (I hate salt on the glass rim, but when you use fresh lime, the salt helps balance the tart citrus with the biting tequila.) I used to live in New Mexico, and I cook Mexican food more than any other style, so I HAVE to have a great marg recipe.

The other secret is Sunkist Sweet & Sour mix (which I've only found at one alcohol distributor open to the public...Beverage Warehouse, Marina del Rey). All the S&S mixes on the grocery store are compltely inadequate, and "margarita mixes" don't have the right blend of flavors (oddly enough). An old friend who used to tend bar at a restaurant where they made KILLER margs enlightened me about Sunkist's mix. I've since noticed it at MOST restaurants/bars that have great margaritas. IMHO, nothing else comes close (except fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, which requires extra sugar and is more difficult to balance the flavors, but can be done and is heavenly when it works).

Recipe By : "Chris Gunning


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