Kgb bitters

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can Alexanders Sun Country pale
\N \N Malt extract
3⅓ pounds Northwestern Amber malt
\N \N Extract
½ pounds Dark crystal malt
3 ounces CFJ-90 Fresh hops
¼ teaspoon Irish moss
\N \N Ale yeast

Put all grains in brewpot with cool water. Remove when boil commences.

Add malt extract and 1-½ ounce of hops. Boil 1 hour. Strain out boil- ing hops and add ½ ounce more hops and Irish moss. Boil 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and add another ½ ounce of hops. Steep 10 minutes and cool. Strain wort into primary fermenter with cold water to make 5 gallons. Add final ½ ounce of hops. Water was filtered with a simple activated carbon system. This seems to make a big difference. Amateur judge commented, "Beautiful color. A bit under carbonated. Great hop nose and finishes very clean. Good balance with malt and hops, but lighten up on finishing hops a bit and it's perfect. Very marketable." Recipe By : Andy Wilcox

From: Favorite Fruitcakes By Moira Hodg File

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