Jumbo potstickers

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups All purpose flour; sifted
⅔ cup Water
7 \N Dried shiitake mushrooms
1½ cup Warm water
1 pounds Small shrimps; peeled, tails off,
\N \N ; de-veined and
\N \N ; coarsely chopped
½ teaspoon Freshly grated ginger root
½ cup Very finely chopped spring onion; green parts only
1 teaspoon Roasted sesame oil
1 tablespoon Low sodium soy sauce
2 tablespoons Arrowroot
1 teaspoon Light olive oil with a dash of toasted
\N \N ; sesame oil
3 \N Cloves garlic; bashed and peeled
5 \N Quarter-sized pieces ginger root
1 bunch Spring onions; finely sliced
1 teaspoon Red chilli flakes
1½ cup Shiitake mushroom water; (from refreshing the
\N \N ; mushrooms)
2 tablespoons Soy sauce
½ teaspoon Sesame oil
2 tablespoons Freshly squeezed lime juice
1 tablespoon Finely sliced spring onion





The dough: put the sifted flour into a large food processor, switch on and slowly add water. Very suddenly it will turn into a ball. Transfer to a floured board and knead for 2 or 3 minutes. Place in a bowl, cover with plastic and let rest for 30 minutes.

The filling: soak the dried mushrooms in warm water for 20 minutes. Strain, reserving the mushrooms and soaking water separately. Remove and discard the mushroom stems, coarsely chop the rest. On a large, flat surface, spread out each of the ingredients evenly in the following order: shrimp, shiitake, ginger, onion, sesame oil, soy sauce and arrowroot. Use a chopping motion with a chefs knife or a cleaver to mix all the ingredients together on the cutting board.

To assemble, divide the dough into eight 2oz pieces. You may have a little dough left over. Roll each piece into a ball and then roll out into a very thin (16th inch) 6 inch circle. Put 2 rounded teaspoonsful of the filling in the centre of the circle. Fold in half, making a half moon shape and crimp the edges firmly. Repeat for the remaining dough.

The bao syang: pour the oil into a high sided skillet and fry the potstickers with the garlic, ginger, onions and chilli flakes without turning, until the potsticker bottoms are brown. Pour the reserved soaking liquid in. Cover and pan steam for 10 minutes.

The sauce: mix the soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice and onion together in a large bowl or pour into individual dipping bowls.

To serve: place 2 potstickers on each individual plate and serve with the dipping sauce. I suggest you also give your guests a small bowl of water and a piece of lemon so they can wash their fingers when the dunking is over.

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