Introduction to indian spices

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient

A strong aromatic resin, avaiable in powdered forms. Has a pungent flavour. CARDAMOM (Elaichi) These pods are whitish or light green in colour. They are the most important ingredient in the preparation of Garam Masala. They can be used whole or the seeds can be ground. When used whole, make sure that the skin is broken, allowing the flavour to escape. CHILLI (Mirchi) Dried chillies can be used whole or ground. Add very sparingly to curries to enhance the flavour and make the preparation hot. Go easy on the chilli seeds as they contain the vital "hot" quality. CINNAMON (Dalchini) Used mainly to accentuate the rich aroma and to add a full flavour to the preparation.

CORIANDER (Dhaniya) Tiny round aromatic seeds, usually ground to yield best results. CORIANDER LEAVES These are used for garnishing or added towards the end of the preparation. They are a very versatile ingredient and can be used in almost any recipe. CUMIN (Jeera) A common ingredient in Indian recipes. It can be used whole, ground, or roasted and then ground. CURRY LEAVES Used a great deal in South Indian dishes for flavouring. Can be bought fresh or dried. DRIED MANGO POWDER (Amchoor) Used mainly to bring out the flavour of particular preparations and the taste is definitely sour. FENNEL (Sounf) Small oval-shaped pale green seeds which have digestive properties. Has a close resemblance in taste to Aniseed. Sometimes used in the preparation of curries. FENUGREEK (Methi) These seeds are an orange-ish brown in colour and have a slightly bitter aftertaste.

MUSTARD (Rai) Available in two forms:leaves (which can be cooked like spinach); and tiny reddish-brown seeds which can be used whole or ground. ONION SEEDS (Kalonji) Round black seeds almost always used whole. PANCH PHORON This is a combination of five spices in equal proportions: cumin, kalonji, fennel, fenugreek and mustard. This combination is used for Daals ++ lentils or vegetable preparations ++ and these spices should be used whole and NOT ground. POPPY SEEDS (Khus Khus) Tiny round whitish seeds which can be ground to give preparations more consistency. TUMERIC (Haldi) A member of the ginger family. In INdia the root is crushed to make Haldi. However, this is difficult to find elsewhere. The best solution is to buy Tumeric Powder. This spice is used mainly for colouring and gives a lovely yellowish colour to the curries. From: Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Sumana Ray Posted By: Sam Lefkowitz Submitted By SAM LEFKOWITZ On 10-11-94

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