How to get rid of the fat-past present and future

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The fat on olur bodies didn't get there overningt. It might take more than days or even weeks to get rid of it. Permanent weight loss is a gradual process that can take months to accomplish but is definitely worth the effort. Cutting the fat in our diets is the first place to get started. As we know, a LOW FAT DIET IN CONJUNCTION WITH AEROBIC EXCERCISE IS A SYSTEM DESTINED TO SUCCEED. Persistence and perseverance will assure our success. An obvious way to get rid of the fat is to eat less of it in our diets. It is a known fact that when you eat less fat than you burn, you will obtain your energy by raiding fat from the fat stores in your body. We know that aerobic excercise plays the most important role in utilizing body fat deposits for energy and reducing the amount of fat we carry on our bodies. Why don't we just eliminate fats from our diets completely? You couldn't do it even if you wanted to. The body requires about 5% fat content in the diet. It would be had to obtain a balanced diet consuming only 5% fat. The chances of becoming fat deficient are extremely low. When you consider that most Americans consume 40-50% fat in their diets, 5% is hard to imagine. The American Heart Association reccomends 30% fat with only 10% of it coming from saturated sources. Through experience, I have learned that people can MAINTAIN their weight at 30% fat, but in order to LOSE body fat, it is usually necessary to cut their intake to 10-20%. The problem is usually exercise. It's not that hard to cut down on fat intake by utilizing substitutions and modifications in recipes. The problem most people seem to have is finding the time to participate in an aerobic excercise program. It's just a matter of routines. A healthy lean body is something money can't buy. It is accomplished through hard work and dedication which only YOU can give yourself. the reward is well worth the effort.

A FORMULA TO HELP YOU REMEMBER: A 2000 calorie diet which is 10% fat has 200 fat calories or 22 fat grams. A 2000 calorie diet which is 20% fat has 400 fat calories or 44 fat grams. A 2000 calorie diet which is 30% fat has 600 fat calories or 66 fat grams.

Here is a sample calculation for a 30% fat diet: 2000 calories x 30%=600 fat calories. There are 9 calories in one gram of fat, so 600 fat calories divided by 9=66 grams of fat.

In order to lose weight, I recommend a diet containing between 10-20% fat. The choice is up to you. Choose a percentage you can live with and stick to it. Your goal is a permanent life style change, not a quick fix weight loss!

Butter Busters by Pam Mycoskie ISBN 0-446-67040-5 Entered by Carolyn Shaw 2-95

Butter Busters by Pam Mycoskie ISBN 0-446-67040-5 Entered by Carolyn Sahw 2-95

Submitted By CAROLYN SHAW On 02-15-95

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