Avoiding imput errors - basic 4b

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient

Some errors that stop imports are very difficult to see and others are really quite easy. When you try to import IMPORT.ER1* or you import manually you got some error messages; the most common and frightening is "@ing at or before line #.." And you LOOK and just don't see ANYTHING. Well there IS something there that is not correct...and here is a list and examples of the most common errors.

1. The difference between l (the LETTER) and 1 (the NUMBER) is slight but MM accepts only NUMBERS in the quantity column.

2. A backwards slant 1\\2 is INCORRECT..⅒/2 is fine.

3. A range of numbers is a NO NO..⅖-6 eggs won't do; pick 5...

4. The two digits in the UNIT OF MEASUREMENT column should include ONLY LETTERS. When in that column, hit F1 for a complete list of the only acceptable abbreviations.

5. Be sure that all the units of measure start on the ninth column.

(9 spaces from the left)

6. The ingredient column can be only 39 columns long.

Once you get used to these common errors your eye will pick it up quickly. I hope this helps...

*NOTE: "IMPORT.ER1 is the file that MM creates (when you choose that option) to copy your flawed recipes.

The ones that download with errors. Sometimes it is difficult to SEE what is wrong with them. This 'recipe' helps you pick up the common errors.

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