Hot chocolate with rum

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pint Whole milk
2 teaspoons Caster sugar
6 tablespoons Hot chocolate powder
6 \N Measures dark rum
\N \N Whipped cream
\N \N Ground cinnamon
\N \N Cinnamon sticks for stirring
4 \N Cubes dark chocolate; (optional)

Heat the milk and when it is hot, stir in the sugar until dissolved, then add the chocolate powder. Continental blends seem to have more choccy 'body' to them.

Pour in the rum and then dispense into large mugs. Float whipped cream on each and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Use cinnamon sticks to stir.

The addition of a cube of chocolate in each mug makes for a sticky ending at the bottom of the mug.

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