History of slumgullion

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the history of slumgullion seems to be that it came from the slums of england before the turn of the centry. There was no recipe recorded because back then very few new how to read or write. It was handed down to the kids by showing them how to make it. There was no basic recipe , they just used what they could find or had there was not much meat so if they had some rats or mice or sparrows or pigions what ever they used it. If they lived buy a slaughter house you can guess what they used. They would put the meat in the water and added onion and salt to kill the oder of the meat cooking , then they added some veg's and thickened it with flour when it was thick they would serve it over potatoes or buy it self. Later in years it was called in some areas MULLIGION and then it was served over mashed potatoes or put in a shell pastry and called a mulligion pie. Just like the old saying goes 5 and 20 black birds baked in a pie. They also used to put it on toast or what ever they had. Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #069 by Murray Hackett <hackett@...> on Mar 09, 1997.

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