Heloise's coffee and tea hints

Yield: 1 servings

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For homemade coffee filter packs - place a paper coffee filter into a large margarine tub, measure coffee, add another filter, and continue. Seal with lid to keep fresh.

For homemade "flavored" coffees - add a sprinkle of cinnamon, or drop of almond or vanilla extract to the ground coffee before brewing...or add chocolate syrup or powdered cocoa to brewed coffee. To save your sanity from coffee filters that stick together - turn each layer inside out.

To clean burnt bottoms of glass coffee pots - pour table salt into the pot and let it stand for a few minutes, then wash.

To clean our coffee brewing machines - pour a full measure of white vinegar into the water well and run pot through its cycle...then fill again with plain water to rinse.

To clean out aluminum percolators - fill the coffee pot with water, add a handful of baking soda, and run through the coffee making cycle...let cool, then scrub with nylon net.

To make coffee and tea cubes - when you have extra, to cool extra hot drinks in the winter, and avoid watering down iced drinks in the summer.

For stained teapots - fill with water and drop a denture tablet into the pot, let sit...wash and rinse.

To prevent tea bags from falling into water - wrap tap around the pot or cup handle...for multiple tea bags steeping in a pot, clip the tap to the rim with a spring clothespin.

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