Green dragon's breath cake

Yield: 1 party

Measure Ingredient
1 \N 13x9 sheet cake
2 \N Sheets tracing paper
1 \N Pencil
\N \N Tape
\N \N Scissors
\N \N 15x11 foil lined cardboard
\N \N Base
\N \N 5inch high coat box
\N \N At least 13x9
1 \N Plastic 3 or 4 inch
\N \N Deli container with
\N \N Tight lid
1 \N Plastic straw
\N \N Green frosting
\N \N Red frosting in a tube
¼ pounds Dry ice

Typed by Annette Johnsen Source: Special Effects Cookbook Take 13x9 sheet cake and place on foi-lined cardboard base.

Tape 2 81/2x 11 sheets of tracing paper to make 17x11 sheet.

Trace a dragon pattern and cut out. Place pattern on cake and cut out with a knife.

Frost cake with green icing. Use red icing to make an eye,nostril and a scale pattern to resemble a dragon.

Take the 5 inch high coat box and cut away and remove one whole long, narrow side so you can reach into the empty box and from that side with ease. Place the frosted cake on top of the box.

With a sharp shewer poke a hole through the cardboard base and coat box. Ream the hole out so that the plastic straw will fit snugly. Now insert all the way into the coat box so it cannot be seen on the surface of the cake.

Now poke a hole in the center of the plastic deli container lid just so the plastic straw will fit snugly. Reach into the box with the lid and fit the lid onto the straw so that about 1 inch of the straw sticks into the otherside of the lid. Now you are ready to produce the special effect.

When you are ready to present the Breathing Dragon place 3 or 4 walnut size chunks of dry ice into the empty deli container and half fill with hot tap water. (WEAR GLOVES WHEN HANDLING DRY ICE) Vapor will begin to pour out so quickly place the smoking container inside the box and fit the lid/straw tightly over the container. The vapor will be under pressure and will shoot up through the straw and the dragon's nostrils.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 01-02-95

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