Glazed sea bass w/black sesame seeds

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 ounces Sea bass fillet, skin on
1 tablespoon Peanut oil
\N \N Basting Sauce:
½ cup Soya sauce
¼ cup Sake
½ cup Mirin
½ cup Sugar
\N \N Black Sesame Seeds & Green
\N \N Onion Pancakes:
½ cup Flour
½ cup Milk
1 \N Whole egg
2 tablespoons Green onions, chopped fine
2 teaspoons Black sesame seeds
\N \N Garnish:
2 \N Lettuce leaves
3 \N Asparagus spears, blanched
½ \N Carrots, julienne finely
½ \N Daikon, julienne finely

Black Sesame Seeds and Green Onion Pancakes: Mix flour, egg and milk until all lumps are gone. Fold in black sesame seeds and chopped green onions. Let rest for half an hour before cooking. Prepare little crepes on an oiled crepe pan.

Basting Sauce: Mix well until sugar is dissolved. Use to baste sea bass while cooking.

Sea Bass: Heat peanut oil, sear sea bass on both sides. Discard oil, return to stove, cook on moderate heat, basting constantly with sauce until fish is evenly glazed. Serve fish with crepes and garnish with lettuce leaf, cooked asparagus, carrots and Daikon julienne. Typed in MMFormat by cjhartlin@... Source: Food & Wine the Westin Way Chef Tylun Pang, The Westin Kauai, Hawaii

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