Garlic and beef rice

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Regular, Extra Long, or Long and Medium grain white rice
1¼ cup Beef broth (I use the packets for this too and the boiling water as above)
½ teaspoon \"Garlic Plus\" Seasoning Mix (I got a free sample in the mail, it's pretty good) (up to 3/4)
\N \N Pepper (optional)

Do not use drip tray. Fill water line to HI in base. Place rice and other ingredients in rice bowl, place rice bowl in steamer tray. Set timer for about 49-51 minutes.

My husband and I both liked this too. The garlic flavour was maybe stronger than most are used to, but not too strong for us.

I imagine a vegetarian could adjust both of these recipes using veggie.

broth in place of the meat broths.

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