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Yield: 1 servings

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\N \N When cooking wild game, the most important think to remember is that
\N \N You only have to kill the meat once.

Overcooking is the biggest mistake people make when cooking when preparing wild game. Many people think they can cook the "wild" out of game, but often the overcooking makes the meat taste strong, and gives it a dry, stringy texture. Also some cooks think they have to overcook wild game to "purify' it. But "wild game is cleaner than anything you can get in stores." It isn't the animals diet or outdoor lifestyle that causes most of the problems. Rather it is the improper handling before the game gets to the kitchen. Game that is not processed right away or promptly will taste strong. Because wild game is lean, it can be drier than beef or poultry. But cooking it twice as long isn't the solution. Medium-rare is good for tender cuts of venison, and in general venison can be cooked like beef. Game birds should be cooked just until the juices run clear, similar to other poultry. Marinades and sauces can improve flavor and texture a great deal, but some cooks a intimidated by the word "sauce" You can mix less-expensive ground beef with a higher fat content with venison because it is so lean, and still have a dish that is low in total fat.

Source/Author: Edited from the Kelowna Daily Courier by Bob Shiells Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 12-11-94

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