Fried plantain soup (sopa de platanos fritos)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
7½ cup Soup stock (or broth)
2 Green plantains
¾ cup Grated Parmesan cheese

from:The Art of Caribbean cookery by Carmen Aboy Valldejuli Prepare soup stock fresh or canned. Peel Platains, cut into 1 inch slices, and saok in salted water for 15 minutes. Drain plantains and deep-fry in lard for 15 minutes at a temperture of 350 deg F. Remove slices of plantain from lard, mash in a mortar, and add to soup stock. Cook for 10 minutes.

Add grated cheese, boil for 1 minutes, and serve. serves 8 Posted to Recipe Archive - 15 Sep 96 submitted by: LeiG@...

Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 00:34:50 -0400

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