Elk sausage chile chili pt 1

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ pounds Smoked Elk Sausage; (I have a friend who trades it to me for powder), or use any other meat you like smoked
1½ pounds Ground beef or whatever meat you want. "Chile Meat" has too much gristle and fat for my taste.
1 large Yellow onion
4 Stalks of celery; with some dark leaves if possible, chopped
1 teaspoon (level) minced garlic (or more if you like it like I do)
5 larges Fresh tomatoes; chopped, up to 6
4 larges Red Jal. pods; seeds cut out and veined, chopped, (green works too), up to 6
4 Ripe hot cherry pods; seeds cut out and veined, chopped, up to 6
3 Ripe Aji Amarillo pods; seeds cut out and veined, chopped
2 Chipotle pods; chopped or ground, up to 4
6 Tepins crushed or ground; seeds & all
1 can (small) chopped or sliced black olives (2 handsfull)
3 cans (10.75 oz.) low-salt cream of tomato soup
1 teaspoon (heaping) spicy mustard
1 can Dark red kidney beans; (if you like chili with beans)
1 Bottle Colgin's smoke sauce; (4 oz, don't substitute if you can find it)
2 tablespoons Lowrey's season salt or similar type rub- add to taste; up to 6
1 teaspoon "Old Hickory Smoke Salt"; (Spice Islands), up to 2
1 tablespoon A-1
½ teaspoon Lemon pepper
1 teaspoon Dried parsley
Garlic powder added to garlic already in mix; to taste
2 tablespoons Soy sauce
½ teaspoon Dried dill
Chile Powder to desired heat; or paprika if you want the typical red-brown color but have enough heat




(When cutting fresh peppers, save veins for additional heat if needed) Substitute any ripe, red chiles available as needed for the above. Variety is essential.

Start in a pot with at least 1½ gallon capacity. I generally cook the meat completely, add some extra water to cover meat and bring to a good boil.

Set in a cold place to let the grease congeal at the top. (I use this time to get all the veggies ready, get out the spices, etc.) When the grease is thickened, scrape it off the top.

Pre-heat oven and cookie sheet to 300 degrees. Spread the garlic, onions, and raw peppers out on a lightly buttered sheet. Leave in oven 10 minutes, then broil until the thinnest edges of veggies just start to turn brown.

Stir and broil as long as you can without much more browning. Dump veggies into the pot with the meat, start cooking and add tomatoes, dried chiles and celery.

As veggies and meat are cooking with a slow boil, begin adding non-salted spices. Stir occasionally. Add water as needed to maintain a stew consistency. Gradually add all ingredients except soup and beans, adding salted items a little at a time to keep the mix from getting too much salt for your taste. Add pepper powder or veins to increase heat as desired.

(However the heat seems when you are finished, it will be slightly hotter the next day. I have to consider this when cooking, as my wife and kids are not CHs.) When the raw tomatoes are nearly cooked, add the soup, and bring back to a boil, stirring often. Add the beans, juice and all. Simmer 20 minutes, stirring regularly. If possible, let cool overnight and re-heat before serving. Re-skim grease if necessary before heating. Serve with grated cheddar cheese added to serving.

Makes about 1⅕ gallons (if beans are added).

continued in part 2

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