Devils blood by baloo (hot chili paste)

Yield: 35 Centiliter

Measure Ingredient
400 grams Red chilis such as cayenne or Spanish pepper
15 millilitres Honey
15 millilitres \"Liquid Smoke\"
25 millilitres Cognac

For this recipe I use fresh red chiles (sold as "Spanish Peppers" in Sweden). Roast the chiles until the skin start to blacken. Let them cool. Skin and seed the chiles. Mix chiles, honey, cognac and salt in a food processor on high speed until you get a smooth paste. Boil the paste 5 minutes and fill it in small glass jars. Will keep for many months in the refrigerator. This makes a very hot chili paste. Use it with care.

From the kitchen of Baloo (the Swedish Cheese and BBQ freak)

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