Dehydrator odd's n end's

Yield: 1 servings

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NEVER use waxed paper in your dehydrator. Some users have found out the
Hard way that even at the suggested low heat, the wax melts into
Whatever you're drying.

LABEL fruit leathers as you put them on the trays. Just slip a crap of paper under the edge of the plastic wrap or leather tray.

Leathers can look so much alike - don't lose the recipe for a really terrific one. DIP white meated apples into pineapple juice to keep them white as they dry... diluted fresh lemon juice works as well.

SLICED TOMATOES also may be placed directly on screens and dry beautifully. Slice with the stem (vertically) about ¼ inch thick.

They won't drip through creens and just peel off when dry. Thin ones make great 'chips'. ONIONS sliced with the stem rather than across it aren't as prone to yellow when they dry, and will dry into beautiful crescent shapes. NO BLENDER? Mash desired fruit for leather. FRUIT LEATHERS can be made from canned, frozen, or soaked dried fruits as well as fresh. GREEN GRAPES, CRANBERRIES dry in ¼ of the time and have nicer color and flavor, is sliced in half instead of drying whole. PARSNIPS when sliced thin are crisp and delicious alone or with dip, try them to believe them. MOST dried fruits are used 'as is', for delicious quick enery nibbling. But soaking them adds a new dimension to their versatility. SOAK most fruits overnight for good consistency. Use plain water, it quickly becomes sweet juice.

Refrigerate what's left as it ferments quickly at room temperature.

USE liquid from soaked dried fruits for refresing drinks, or as all or part of the liquid for puddings or shakes. DRIED BANANAS are deliciously creamy when reconstituted in rich milk. Add a little vanilla and whiz in your blender for banana cream pudding. PLAIN soaked dried bananas will make any breakfast eggnog or milkshak rich and creamy. If the bananas are very thin chips, the may not even require pre-soaking. They making your shake with juice, as well as the traditional milk. SWEETEN your tangy fruit combinations with bananas, pears or dates. COTTAGE CHEESE can also be dried with excellent results. A blender can give it the creamy texture, or you may push through a sieve. Origin: Dry It - You'll Like It! circa 1973. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Jan/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 01-27-95

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