Decorator pie shell (part 2)

Yield: 1 9\" shell

Measure Ingredient
\N \N For ingredients and
\N \N . directions for making
\N \N . the pie dough please
\N \N . refer to part 1.

Continued from ** Decorator Pie Shell (part 1) ** ** Reverse Bead ** Press the rounded end of a chopstick into the rim in two staggered rows.

** Reverse Scallop ** Use the tip of a vegetable peeler to leave scalloped impressions. Hold either side of the peeler up, or alternate the up and down positions for a more ruffly effect.

** Ribbon ** Arrange ½-inch wide dough strips in an undulating wave pattern. Use the longest strips your dough allows without breaking, and tuck under the loose ends in order to keep the pattern even.

** Rope ** Gently squeeze the dough between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. To make the rope spiral the other way, use your left hand.

** Rose ** Mold a grape-sized piece of dough into a narrow cone about ¼-inch long. Flatten a nickel-sized piece of dough into a triangular shape resembling a guitar pick, then make the edges irregular. Press one point of the triangle against the base of the cone and let the broader part curl up and around and off the tip of the cone to form the first petal. Continue adding ever smaller petals in this way.

** Stars ** Use a small cookie or cana;e cutter to cut motifs such as stars from the rolled pastry dough.

** Teardrop ** Use the metal hanging loop at the end of a wire whisk handle to make these teardrop impressions.

** Handcraft Illustrated -- Sep/Oct 1995 ** Posted by The WEE Scot -- Paul MacGregor

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