Dan's favorite chicken recipe

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Chicken -- cut up
1 \N Jar spaghetti sauce
\N \N Dried oregano
\N \N Garlic salt
1 \N Crock pot
1 \N Full working day

1. Cut chicken into pieces, if needed. 2. Dump chicken pieces into crock pot. 3. Dump 1 jar spaghetti sauce over chicken. 4. Shake dried oregano and garlic salt (or your other favorite additives to spaghetti sauce), to taste. 5. Put lid on crock pot and turn the pot on LOW. 6. Have a nice day, don't worry, be happy. 7. Come home, fix a pot of rice or pasta, maybe a salad, and a loaf of french bread. 8. CAREFULLY remove the chicken from the crock pot to a serving platter (it's tender and will fall apart at the slightest provocation), then spoon the leftover liquid into a gravy boat or whatever you serve spaghetti sauce in. 9. Fight over who gets the top pieces with all the oregano and garlic salt piled on top.

Recipe By : danielh@... (Daniel Hobbs)

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