Cranberry cordial - glorious liqueurs

Yield: 3 Pints

Measure Ingredient
8 cups Raw cranberries, coarsley
6 cups Sugar
1 litre Light or amber rum

Place the chopped cranberries in a gallon jar with a tight fitting cover (or divide between to half-gallon jars). Add the sugar and the rum. Close the jar tightly; shake gently to blend. Store in a cool dark place for 6 weeks, stirring or shaking the contents every day.

Strain the cordial into decorative bottles. Seal with corks.

Note: This recipe can be halved or even quartered. For a half recipe, use 4 cups cranberries, 3 c sugar, and 2½ cups rum; for a quarter recipe, use 2 cups cranberries, 1 ½ cups sugar and 1 ¼ cups rum.

New Country Fare: Glorious Liqueurs Edited by Mary Aurea Morris ISBN: 0-9627403-1-4 Formatted by Carolyn Shaw 3-96..

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