Clean out the closet porter

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can Ironmaster Scottish Mild Ale
\N \N Extract
1 can Bierkeller light lager
\N \N Extract
1 pounds Crushed crystal malt
1 pounds Munton & Fison Light DME
½ cup Lactose
1 ounce Brewer's Gold hop pellets
1 ounce Cascade hop pellets
1 pack Whitbread dry ale yeast

Standard procedure---put crystal malt in cold water, heat to just shy of boil and sparge into brewpot. Add malt extracts and water, bring to boil. Add Brewer's Gold hops, boil a little over 1 hour. Stop boil, add Cascade hops and chill on the way into fermenter. I tossed the dry yeast directly into the fermenter atop the cooled wort. The yeast started flocculating within an hour and by the next morning the air lock was burping continuously. Today, 4 days later, it is completely fermented out and I'm going to transfer it into secondary probably before I go to bed. Primary Ferment: 4 days

Recipe By : Kevin L. McBride File

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