Gak and gerry's anteater porter

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
7½ pounds Pale malted barley
1 pounds Crystal malt (10 Lovibond)
½ pounds Chocolate malt
2 ounces Black patent malt
41⅓ gram Cluster - boil
11⅓ gram Cascade - 10 min.
13⅔ gram Cascade - finish
\N \N Wyeast British

Add grains to 3½ gallons cold water. Heat to 150 degrees and maintain for 90 minutes, stirring constantly. Used 4½ gallons 170 degree sparge water. Collected 6 gallons wort. Boiled 60 minutes. Add Cluster at beginning of boil. Add 11⅖ grams Cascade at 50 minutes. Turn off heat after 1 hour boil, and let last of Cascade hops steep. Cooled to about 75 derees and pitched. Deep red color. Looks almost black in the fermenter.

Original Gravity: 1.048 Final Gravity: 1.014 Recipe By : Jack Green


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