Chinese dim sum dough

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I tread in this arena with trepidation since there must be a few traditional Chinese out in Cyber-Space who can speak with more experience than I on this subject. In the book "DIM SUM" by Rhoda Yee states the majority of dim sum specialties are wrapped in dough of some sort and there many more than the following five. She does give the receipes for the basic five. The dough or wrapper varies according to the filling.

1. Steamed or Baked Bun Dough 1 cake of yeast 1¾ cup of warm water ¾ cup sugar 6 ½ cups of Bread flour make like a bread dough 2. Egg Noodle Dough use purchased wonton or egg roll wrappers 3. Rice Noodle Dough (Fun) 2 cups Swansdown cake flour ¼ cup Cornstarch 1 t salt ⅓ cup oil 2 ⅔ cups cold water Mix and use jelly roll style

4. Wheat Starch Dough 1 cup wheat starch ⅔ cup tapioca starch ½ t salt 2 t oil 1 cup + boiling water knead and roll for use 5. Glutinous Rice Dough 2 ¼ cups rice flour ¼ cup potato flour ¾ t salt ½ t Sugar 1 ½ cups boiling water knead and roll for use I too share your love for this delicacy but it is so much fun to have an excuse to enjoy it in a correct atmosphere we try to get it in a good restaurant. I get to San Francisco fairly often and a trip to China Town is a requirement. Bon Apetit john.gradijan@...

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