Chile-garlic vinegar

Yield: 1 quart

Measure Ingredient
6 \N Garlic clove(s)
\N \N Slightly mashed
4 \N Dried japon
\N \N Or arbol chiles
1 \N Dried chile serrano
1 \N Stick cinnamon
1 quart White vinegar

To two clean pint containers, add equal portions of garlic, japon chiles, serrano chiles, and cinnamon. Pour 1 pint of vinegar in each.

Store in a cool dark place for 4 week. Do not disturb.

Strain vinegar and return to either a single quart container or two pint jars. Add fresh chiles and cinnamon stick to each.

Healthy Southwestern Cooking

by Bob Wiseman

ISBN 0-87358-618-2

pg 44

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-27-95

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