Chicken oriental burgers with grilled shitakes

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 tablespoons Sesame seeds
2 pounds Ground chicken
2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce
1 tablespoon Chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon Finely chopped scallions
1 teaspoon Ginger juice
1 teaspoon Tamari
1 teaspoon Cornstarch
½ teaspoon Garlic powder
¼ teaspoon Sesame oil
¼ teaspoon Hot chili oil
¼ teaspoon Freshly cracked pepper
\N \N Black Bean Mustard Basting
\N \N Sauce
½ cup Asian black bean sauce
¼ cup White zinfandel
2 tablespoons Stone ground mustard
2 teaspoons Tamari
1 teaspoon Prepared horseradish
1 teaspoon Onion powder
½ teaspoon Garlic powder
¼ teaspoon Ground red pepper
2 teaspoons Vegetable oil for brushing
\N \N Grill rack
6 mediums Shitake mushrooms --
\N \N Stemmed
1 tablespoon Sesame oil
6 \N Onion rolls
1 tablespoon Melted butter for brushing
\N \N On rolls

Prepare a medium hot fire for direct heat cooking. Toast sesame seeds in dry pan; cool and reserve. Combine seeds with chicken and next 10 ingredients. Shape into 6 patties and reserve. Combine all sauce ingredients ; reserve. Brush grill rack with vegetable oil and place over hot coals. Brush mushrooms with sesame oil and grill along with burgers, basting frequently with sauce. After 5 minutes turn all items and place buttered rolls on outer edge of grill. Cook 5 minutes. Remove burgers, mushrooms and rolls and let rest 3 minutes. Cut shitakes into wedges. Brush a bit of sauce on cut side of each roll and top with a burger and 4 grilled shitake wedges. Serves 6.

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Recipe By : Sutter Home Build A Better Burger Recipe Contest Winner

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