Canned fruit pie filling

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
10 pounds Apricots, Peaches, or Apples
1 cup Quick cooking Tapioca
2 tablespoons Quick cooking Tapioca
1½ cup Sugar
¾ cup Lemon juice
4 cups Sugar

1. Peel and core/pit fruit, and slice. If you wish, treat to prevent darkening.

2. In a mixing bowl combine tapioca, sugar, and lemon juice. Reserve.

3. If prepared fruit was treat to prevent darkening rinse well in cold water and drain. Place prepared fruit in large pot with the sugar and enough water to prevent sticking and scorching. Heat to 190'F (just under boiling) stirring frequently.

4. Add reserved mixture and, stirring, reheat to 190F -DO NOT BOIL! 5. Pour into clean, hot jars, leaving ½" head space; seal.

6. Process in boiling water bath 15 minutes.

From : The Complete Book of Canning - Chevron Otho Books - 1982 Typed at you by ML Kakanowski

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