Candy cane reindeer

Yield: 1 Craft

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Ann Reeves
\N \N .................
1 \N Candy cane
1 \N 12\" pipe cleaner
\N \N Ribbon, red, brown or
\N \N Green
2 \N Wiggley eyes
\N \N 4MM or 5MM
1 \N 1/4\" red pom-pom
\N \N Scissors and glue
\N \N *
\N \N x
\N \N xxx
\N \N xxxxxxx
\N \N xxxxxxxxxxx
\N \N O
\N \N Ho HO HO

Loop pipe cleaner inderneath curved end of candy cane. Twist until secure.

Spread ends apart and shape to form " antlers." ( I twist pipe cleaners around a pencil for antlers .) Attach wiggley eyes in place. Glue red pom-pom on tip to make nose.

Tie colored ribbon around " neck ." ****************************************************** Formatted for MM by.. Jeannie Allen Enjoy :)

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