Calypso chicken

Yield: 2 servings

Measure Ingredient
10 ounces Chicken cutlets
6¾ teaspoon All-purpose flour (2 TBL + 3/4 tsp)
1 teaspoon Each olive oil and margarine
¼ cup Chopped scallions (green onions)
2 \N Garlic cloves, minced
¼ cup Light rum
½ cup Drained pineapple chunks
½ cup Chinese snow peas, stems and strings removed)
18 teaspoons Canned chicken broth (1/3 cup + 2 tsp)
¼ cup Drained Italian tomatoes, seeded, thin sliced
¼ cup Orange juice (no sugar added)
8 teaspoons Pineapple juice (no sugar added) (2 TBL+tsp)
¾ ounce Sliced drained canned water chestnuts
1 \N Strip green chili pepper (1/2 x 1/8 inch)

Dash crushed red pepper or dried red chili pepper Pat chicken dry and cut into 3 x 1-inch strips. On sheet of waxed paper or paper plate sprinkle chicken evenly with flour to coat. In a 12 inch skillet combine oil and margarine and heat until bubbly; add chicken and saute until lightly browned on all sides. Remove from pan. In same skillet saute scallions and garlic until garlic is lightly browned; carefully pour in rum. Bring mixture to a boil, stir in remaining ingredients and cook until mixture returns to a boil, about 5 minutes. Return chicken to skillet and cook until liquid has thickened and chicken is heated through, about 10 minutes.

Remove and discard fresh chili pepper.

Makes 2 servings.


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