Cajun seasoning

Yield: 2 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup (250ml) salt
¼ cup (63ml) cayenne pepper
¼ cup (63ml) black pepper
¼ cup (63 ml granulated garlic
¼ cup (63ml) onion powder
1½ tablespoon (23ml) paprika
1½ tablespoon (23ml) celery seed

[ note: use only dried seasonings ] In a food processor add salt and cayenne pepper. process for 30 seconds. Add black pepper and granulated garlic and process another 15 seconds. Add remaining ingredients and process another minute.

Store in air- tight container. Use for gumbo,jambalaya,etouffe, or for your regular cooking. Can also be used like salt at the dinner table. makes about 2-¼ cups (563ml)

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