Bubbe rapp's mock liver

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Lentils; boiled til soft
3 \N Hardboiled eggs
⅓ cup Chopped walnuts
2 \N \"huge\" onions; sauteed 'til translucent

From: Kristina Strom <kstrom@...> Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 23:44:49 -0400 (EDT) FORWARDED FROM: /community/chavurah/bb(#163) From:kstrom(Kristina Strom) This is a fabulous recipe that I have shared with many friends after Andrea Rapp shared it with me. To make it truly kosher on a psychological level (!) I telephoned Evelyn Rapp in California for her permission to post this.

Process all in the cuisinart until desired texture is achieved. Salt (and I peppered) to taste. Chill. Also, a blender works too! Mrs. W., step aside!

My dear friend Marilyn tried the recipe as well, and her variation was this: she omitted the egg yolks, substituted ⅙ c. pecans for the walnuts and used only one onion.

In re nutritional analysis, this recipe makes the equivalent of 3 tubs of Mrs. W's chopped liver: many servings. So despite the nuts and minimal oil required to sautee the onions I think this dish can be considered to be fat-free. It is of course also pareve. Enjoy! Kristina This is a recipe that I posted on the Chavurah Board of our local freenet.

For those of us who will be celebrating the upcoming High Holidays I highly recommend it! Kristina

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