Bubba's bodacious wing ding

Yield: 1 Servings

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Now I know someone else got all the credit fer comming up with the idea fer buffalo wings even though Mom has been a cookin em fer as long as anyone can recall. Thats OK by us, but once you try my version, you'll call em Bubba Wings from then on.

You can get cut up wings in 5 pound bags or get a pack of whole wings and cut em up yourself and save on the price. I usually fix about 10 pounds-figurin on maybe six to ten pieces per person, a little less if Im having other vittles along with the wings.

Youll need enough oil to fill a 4 quart sauce pot or dutch oven half full.

I like peanut oil. Get the oil hot while you fix the sauce and trimmings.

I clean and cut about 3 stalks of cellery and 4 pounds of carrots and cut them into 3 inch sticks and serve em with bluecheese and buttermilk ranch dressin fer dipping the wings and veggies in. My Party In A Jar pickled veggies is a right fine addition to the festivities.

Fer the sauce, I take a bottle each of my Bottle Rocket, China Syndrome, and Mean Jo' Green pepper sauces and put them each in a sauce pot with a stick of butter or margerin on medium heat till the stick melts. Wisk to incorporate and set aside. My Honey Mustard Sauce and Mop sauce is also great on wings ifin your guests all dont like hot sauces.

Now I dry the wings in paper towels to reduce splattering and possible boil over. If you don't have a fry basket use a slotted spoon to remove wings as they cook done. Fry about ten or so pieces at a time and cook about two minutes past the time they float to the top of the oil. Remove to a warming tray to hold while you cook up all the wings.

Now I shake them wings in a covered bowl after spoonin say a tablespoon of which ever sauce your guest wants depending on the heat they like fer each batch of five wigs until they be coated with the pepper sauce. Then I pour em onto a plate and let the guest dish up the trimmings and dressings.

Now here are a few add ins fer the pepper-butter sauces to livin up your next Bubba's Wing Ding!

Cajun Wings: Add Cayenne powder, black and white pepper,thyme and garlic powder to taste.

Curry Wings: Add curry powder to mixture and serve with my Cranberry Rhubarb chutney

Mexican Wings: Add cumin and oregano to mixture and serve with tomatoe salsa.

Asian Wings: Add dark sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger powders and a few finely chopped whole green onions.

Italian Wings: Substitute oilve oil for butter, add minced fresh garlic and oregano. Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V4 #101 by CEpps69984@... on Aug 27, 1997

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