Brick stew

Yield: 2 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Clean brick (red)
3 eaches Carrots
5 eaches Tomatoes
5 eaches Potatoes
1 \N Sauce pan
3 \N Onions
\N \N And what ever else you can
\N \N Find to throw in.
1 pounds Any kind of meat.

~-----From the library of Charlie in Philly CJPV06A----------------- This is a recipe that was handed down from the days of my Hoboing it all most always came out good.

First you find a red brick(One that has most of the mortar cleaned off). Next go to the back door of one of the homes near by, and ask if you can borrow, a burner on the stove to make your brick stew.

When the person asks what brick stew is you show them the brick. You tell them that you might need to borrow some things to make it better.Then go to work. Wash off the brick, put the clean brick in the pot, add water to cover the brick, add the potatoes that you borrowed,the tomatoes, the onions,carrots, and any thing else you can get to stew, try to get some kind of meat allthough this is sometimes hard to do. Add the meat to the stew. Now see if you can get some salt and pepper it makes it tast better. Next bring to a boil and let boil until done if you can borrow some flour do so and get some more water mix the flour and water. With the pot at a boil add the flour and water mixture to thicken the stew. Next ask you host if she or he would like to try some and if so borrow a dish for you and your host, oh yes do not forget the spoons and crackers or bread. Next sit down and eat your meal with your host. Then help with the dishes. Oh yes do not forget to throw away the brick. Recipe by Charlie in Philly CJPV06A.

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