Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Beef Bone
1 \N Veal Bone
1 \N Lamb Or Mutton Bone
1 \N Chicken
1 pint Tomatoes
1 \N Stalk Celery
3 smalls Onions; (Walnut-Size)
2 \N Bay Leaves
6 \N Cloves; or more to taste
1 small Piece Mace; About An Inch Square
½ \N Teacupful Dried Corn
½ \N Teacup Barley
1 \N Green Pepper
1 \N Potato
\N \N A Sprig Of Parsley
3 mediums Size Apples--2 If Small.
3 mediums Turnips
1 \N Stalk Asparagus
1 \N Orange; juiced and strained

Place bones & chicken in large pot and cover with cold water and let simmer all day. Then strain, and when cold, skim the grease. Yields 3 quarts of solid stock.

Place remaining ingredients (except orange juice) in pot in clear water and boil. Strain. There should be a pint of this vegetable stock after it is strained.

Allow a small teacup of beef stock to every person and add the vegetable stock to it. Let it come to a boil and skim. Add salt and red pepper (should rather peppery), and when ready to serve, add the strained juice of one orante to this quantity. Sweeten the orange juice until it is palatable. The soup may require a touch of sugar as some of the vegetables are acidic.

This is only a outline; ingredients may be varied according to taste.

Serves 6

Source: "Mountain Measures"-- Junior League of Charleston, WV ed. 1974 Typed for you by billspa@...

NOTES : 1 teacup= 6 oz.

Recipe by: Mrs. Brooks F. McCabe Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by "Bill Spalding" <billspa@...> on May 3, 1998

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