Basic british sausage / from floyd on britain and ireland

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Lean pork, such as shoulder
1 x Salt and pepper
1 x Nutmeg, ground cloves
2 xes Egg yolks
8 ounces Pork fat
1½ ounce Fresh breadcrumbs
1 x Mace, thyme
8 xes Sausage skins


Mince the lean pork and pork fat finely. Seasoin generously with salt, pepper, and at least a pinch each of nutmeg, cloves, mace and thyme. Add the breadcrumbs and egg yolks and mix well. Refrigerate the mixture to make it easier to handle, then stuff into the skins and twist to secure the ends. If sausage skins are not available, coat with egg and dry breadcrumbs. Serve grilled or fried.

Submitted By SALLIE KREBS On 04-29-95

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