Banana and tapioca in coconut milk

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
6 Bananas
6 tablespoons Whole pearl tapioca
½ cup Water
½ cup Sugar (see NOTE)
pinch Salt
16 ounces Coconut milk

Peel and slice the bananas at an angle about ⅓-inch thick. Set aside.

In a pot large enough to hold all the ingredients, combine whole pearl tapioca with the water. Cook over low heat until tapioca balls become transparent. (Note: If using instant tapioca, follow package instructions using coconut milk instead of milk and eliminating the egg and vanilla.) Add the sugar, salt, coconut milk, and bananas.

Return to a boil; stir carefully to prevent sticking. As soon as it boils, it is ready to serve.

Makes 6 servings.

NOTE: Be aware that this dish has the characteristic sweetness of many Asian desserts. You may prefer to reduce the sugar by a third.

Per serving: 479 calories, 67 gm carbohydrates, 0 mg cholesterol, 101 mg sodium, 4 gm protein, 22 gm fat, 16 gm saturated fat Recipe: Narin Jameson of Washington, DC.

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Submitted By JIM WELLER On 10-08-95

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