World's easiest trifle

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Angel food cake; cut into cubes approximately 1 - 1/2\" square
4 cups Instant vanilla pudding
\N \N Fresh bananas; sliced
\N \N Fresh strawberries; sliced
\N \N Canned peaches drained; rinsed, and patted dry, sliced
2 cups Whipping cream; whipped
\N \N Garnish
1 large Trifle dish; or other lovely dish or bowl, clear preferred

Line bottom of trifle dish with cake cubes. Cover with layer of vanilla pudding. Place banana slices around the outside edge of trifle dish, standing on their edge, so you can see layer of banana slices from the outside. Cover the pudding with a layer of sliced bananas. Layer of cake cubes, cover with layer of pudding. Place strawberry slices around outside edge of trfile dish, standing up, all points of berries in the same direction, or alternating. Cover the pudding layer with sliced berries.

Layer of cake cubes, cover with pudding. Place peach slices around outside edge, etc.

Cover with layer of cake cubes, top with whipped whipping cream. Garnish as desired with extra fruit or slivered almonds. (Colored sprinkles or chocolate shot is not a good idea as they melt and look runny. If you use maraschino cherries, rinse and dry well or you will have the same problem) Adjust the amount of cake, pudding, fruit, etc. depending on the size of your bowl. Left over cake can be eaten by willing family members, or frozen for future use.

Many people also dip the cake in liqueur or drizzle liqueur over the cake.

We like it plain and light at our house. This is a good "fancy" dessert for those concerned with calories as angel food cake has no fat and is quite low in calories compared to other cake. You can use Jello light pudding (carries the COR kosher endorsement) and make it with 1% milk. Whippping cream can be left off the top entirely, or a low fat substitute can be used, or the dieter can just avoid the cream on top since it is not mixed in the middle.

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