Veal cutlet or scallopini

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Thin pounded veal scallops
¼ cup Butter
½ cup Marsala
1 tablespoon Butter
4 ounces Mushrooms
¼ cup Butter

Saute mushrooms in butter. Set aside Dredge veal scallops in flour on one side only. Saute scallop flour side first in butter(heated until fragrant). In 3 minutes, when the juices begin to emerge on the upper side, turn the meat and continue to saute for about 3 minutes more. Shake the skillet vigorousluy from time to time, until the meat is done. Veal is never served rare. Remove from the skillet and keep warm. Deglaze the pan juices with stock or stock and wine. Add mushrooms. Correct seasoning. Swirl in 1 tb of butter. If you do not use the wine, you may add lemon juice. Pour sauce over cutlets and serve. Submitted By CAROLE CRONAN On 08-04-95

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