Tvfn menu of the week sat 10-25-1997

Yield: 4 servings

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MENU OF THE WEEK by Georgia Downard, Culinary Director Tis the season for pears! We've just returned from our local green market where pears are playing to standing ovations. Stall after stall were filled with this wonderfully juicy fruit in all its varieties. Pears are at a season high both in flavor and supply.

According to the weekly produce newspaper The Packer, "Evidence already suggests the bigger crop will mean lower prices than last year.." So join us in celebrating this magnificent fruit. We've included a selection of recipes which should satisfy all pear lovers and make converts of others!

PEAR, CRANBERRY AND HORSERADISH CHUTNEY (Serve with roast chicken, turkey or duck, also good with ham or pork. A delicious addition to a holiday table.) DUCK BREAST OVER GREENS

(The pears in this recipe are a light and refreshing foil to the sauteed duck. This dish is very quick and suitable for entertaining.

Chicken breast can be substituted for duck, simply increase the cooking time.)

POACHED PEARS WITH MASCARPONE AND ESPRESSO SAUCE (This is a beautiful, celebratory dish that does justice to the perfectly formed pear. Remember that the pears can be poached ahead of time and chilled.)

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