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\N \N Boning a Chicken Thigh
\N \N Freezing Fish
\N \N Bouquet Garni
\N \N Chopping a Small Quantity of Herbs
\N \N Heating a Pasta Bowl
\N \N Creating a Vacuum Seal
\N \N Slashing Bread Dough
\N \N Chopping Celery Quickly
\N \N Preparing a Persimmon
\N \N Slicing Mushrooms
\N \N Decorating Cookies
\N \N Cook's Illustrated Quick Tips
\N \N November/December 1994

1. With the thigh skin-side down, make a lengthwise incision down to the bone. then work the knife blade around the bone to free it from the meat.

2. Crack the thigh bone in half with the back of a large chef's knife or cleaver.

3. Pull out each half of the bone.

1. Partially fill a zipper-lock bag with water. Add whole fish or fillets.

2. Add more water until the fish are covered, and freeze.

1. Put the herbs into the coffee filter.

2. Tie the coffee filter closed, catching the stems of the thyme, etc. as you do so.

3. Tie the other end of the string to the handle of the pot or pan, so you can easily retrieve the bouquet garni.

1. Put the herbs in a small glass, and snip them with scissors until minced.

1. Place a colander in the bowl, pour the pasta and water into the colander and let the hot water stand in the bowl for a few seconds to heat it. Then pour out the water, put the pasta and sauce in, toss it, and serve.

1. Put the food in a plastic bag and insert a straw at one side. Seal the bag around the straw.

2. Suck out as much air as possible through the straw, then remove the straw and finish sealing the bag.

1. Slashes in bread dough help it to expand evenly as it bakes.

However,m using a knife to make these slashes often pulls or tears the dough, deflating the delicate structure. Sharp kitchen scissors do the job quickly, cleanly and easily.

1. Recipes often call for a small amount of celery. Rather than breaking off one or more ribs, try this. Chop the entire stalk across the top. It is easier to get just the amount you need, and it makes storing the celery easier, since the whole stalk gets shorter as you use it.

1. With a paring knife, cut out the large stem and surrounding leaves.

2. Make incisions just through the skin at «-inch intervals all the way around the fruit.

3. Peel away the thick skin, and use the fruit.

1. To slice mushrooms quickly, use an egg slicer.

1. To make an easy garnish for cookies, place the cookies on a rack over waxed paper, dip the tines of a fork into melted chocolate, and wave it gently back and forth over the cookies, allowing the chocolate to drip onto them in paralleled wavy line Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 12-20-94

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