Trappist monkey

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
8 pounds Klages pale malt
4 pounds Munich malt (10L)
1 pounds Crystal malt (40L)
1 pounds Malted wheat
1 pounds Wheat flakes (unmalted)
1 pounds Dark brown sugar
2 ounces Chocolate malt (uncracked)
2 ounces Cascade hops
\N \N (I didn't have time to age
\N \N Them 3 years!)
1 quart Starter cultured from Chimay
\N \N Dregs

Mash temp 158 degrees, pH 5.3, 1 hour mash, final temp 155 degrees. Mash out with 1-½ gallons boiling water, resultant temp 168 degrees. Sparge @ 168 degrees, sparge water acidified with lactic acid to pH 6½.

Collect 8 gallons sweet wort. Add brown sugar. Boil for 1-½ hours. Add all hops 30 minutes into the boil. Cool to 70 degrees (counterflow chiller). Pitch Chimay starter. Ferment for 2 months in a single stage fermentation. Prime with 44 ounce sweet wort (from the original brew, stored very carefully). Bottle, yield 6 gals. Original Gravity: 1.072 Final Gravity: 1.014 Primary Ferment: 2 months Recipe By : C.R. Saikley


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