Tony's poppers

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Cheddar cheese
\N \N Jalapeno chiles

Tony Mordeszewski (amordesz@...) and his wife, Diana, made some great Jalapeno poppers at the First Annual North Alabama HotLuck in August by using the following recipe:

Slice some Cheddar brick cheese into logs that will fit into a cored out Jalapeno. Place them on a plate in the freezer for later.

Take a fresh Jalapeno and slice it almost in half the long way so the halves are still attached at the stem end. Hold the halves open like an alligator's mouth and with a potato peeler core out the seeds and membrane.

Be careful not to let the halves split apart.

Mix up the batter. I use graham flour and water. Mix to the consistency thin or thick depending on how much breading you like on the pepper. You can add any spices you like to the batter. We use none.

Preheat the deep fryer to 400 degrees. The hotter the oil the browner the skin.

Pull the cheese from the freezer and insert a frozen piece into the pepper.

Run a toothpick on an angle through the 2 halves on the open ends to keep the whole thing together. Drop the pepper in the batter and get it coated good, especially at the seams.

Drop the pepper in the oil and leave it in there until the cheese starts dancing out of the pepper, or until you think it is just about to.

Drain on paper towels and use cocktail sauce for dipping, being careful to remove toothpick before dipping.

Chase with a good shot of Tequila.

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